Cundy Street Quarter

Building the homes Belgravia needs

We want to create an inclusive neighbourhood with double the number of affordable homes.

By opening up a private closed-off site we can provide much needed new housing for Westminster including the introduction of senior housing and an increase in social rented and intermediate homes built to better standards.

These proposals will also be backed by a major investment in new amenities, better streets and improved public and green spaces that are open to everyone.

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Increasing opportunities in the area for more people

With more social rented and affordable housing and purpose-built senior living homes and employment space, we will create more opportunities for people of all backgrounds and ages in Belgravia. Read about our proposals for the area here.

We recognise the impact on existing residents

We understand the concerns of people that currently live in the Cundy Street and Walden House buildings. So we have put  in place measures to help them plan carefully for the future – you can read more about our approach to, and work with residents here.

Putting community voices at the heart of our consultation

We want to design a new neighbourhood that meets the varied needs of Belgravia today and in the future. It’s crucial to us that residents and neighbours have multiple opportunities to feedback on designs, keep up to date with the process and understand how their comments have been listened to – click here to read more.

You said, we did

Local food store

In April, when we asked what community amenities could be added to the area, the community wanted to see a local supermarket. As a result, we have included a local food store in the scheme.


Respondents to the survey were pleased to see more homes locally and were supportive of a range of housing types. This has confirmed our decision to incorporate a mix of housing including homes for families, younger people and senior citizens and our ambition to double the number of socially rented and affordable homes.

Public space

Many people expressed support for a well-designed public space with new pedestrian connections where people can come together within a new village centre. The potential to Improve Orange Square and Ebury Square were also welcomed.

Community facilities

The majority of respondents were pleased to see space for the community, as well as a wider variety of retail, food & drink and leisure offerings.

Enhanced biodiversity

Much of the feedback was supportive of the improved greening across the development.

Questions and concerns

We are currently addressing comments on these themes in our design discussions.

  • The potential for anti-social behaviour in the new scheme
  • The quantum of retail space along Ebury Street
  • The height of the building overlooking Ebury Square, although many understand the rationale for its location and need.

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