Cundy Street Quarter

This section shares details on the design development, height of buildings and proposed materials.

Proposed new buildings

The design of the new buildings is guided by a series of design principles that were identified early in the project.

  • New routes to improve connections with the local neighbourhood
  • A high-quality new neighbourhood with a focus on public spaces
  • A series of well-designed buildings, based on traditional London ‘mansion blocks’
  • Exemplary sustainable architecture which responds to the history and character of the surrounding area and the scale of surrounding buildings
  • New distinct residential addresses on Ebury Street, Ebury Square and Pimlico Road

Heights of buildings

This plan shows the number of storeys and heights of the proposed new buildings and those in the surrounding area.

The building heights steps down towards the edges of the site, in response to the scale and character of the immediate context and minimising the visual impact of the new buildings.


These visuals show the proposed materials for each key location.

Explore the submitted proposals

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Environment and sustainability

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