Cundy Street Quarter

We are committed to an ongoing dialogue to ensure that the proposals meet the varied needs of Belgravia today and in the future.

We have worked to ensure all the community, including existing residents, have multiple opportunities to feedback on the proposals and understand how their comments have been listened to. You can read more about our approach to supporting existing residents here.

Feedback has already influenced the:

  • Increased range of uses to include a small food store, cinema and community space
  • Reduced the number of shops on Ebury Street
  • Removal of a storey from the tallest building overlooking Ebury Square
  • Improved the design and security of Elizabeth Place Gardens, in collaboration with Coleshill residents, making it a car-free area.

Since December 2019, we have also:

  • Moved the vehicular drop off for the senior homes from Ebury Street to Cundy Street
  • Introduced additional trees and greenery along Ebury Street
  • Progressed the playspace proposals for Ebury Square
  • Changed to a lighter brick tone for the building on Ebury Square / Pimlico Road
  • Evolved the gate design for the Orange Square entrance

Local engagement to date has included:

We will continue this dialogue beyond the planning submission through a Neighbours Liaison Group and an on-going community investment programme to assist the integration of new and existing residents and bring long-term local benefit.

We will also work with local youth clubs and schools to set up a Youth Forum for South Belgravia to ensure that young people in the neighbourhood can influence change in the area.

Engagement Timeline


Spring 2019

Design team at DSDHA carry out 100 questions research


April 2019

First public consultation: Introduction to Grosvenor and our early thinking


June 2019

Second public consultation: Sharing the emerging designs


September 2019

Right to Return offered to Walden House residents by Westminster City Council


December 2019

Third public consultation: Sharing the detailed proposals


March 2020

Option to move once into the new homes confirmed for Walden House residents


April 2020

Sharing the final proposals. Start of youth survey with the Young Westminster Foundation

Existing residents

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