Cundy Street Quarter

Conversations to enable people to understand and help shape the proposals included...

This engagement prompted several changes to the proposals including:


  • Revised Ebury Square Garden design to integrate play space more sensitively.
  • Amended phasing so that Walden House residents so that they can move directly into the new social rent homes that would be provide.
  • Design of the social rent homes in line with the needs of existing Walden House residents, in support of Westminster City Council’s offer of a Right to Return for these residents.
  • Changed the mix of new amenities to include a small food store, cinema and community space.
  • Removed of a storey from the tallest building overlooking Ebury Square.
  • Reduced height and removed retail at ground floor of Ebury Street.
  • Improved the design and security of Elizabeth Place Gardens, in collaboration with Coleshill residents, making it a car-free area.
  • Changed the proposed material for the building on Ebury Square / Pimlico Road, changing it for a lighter brick tone.
  • Moved the car drop off for the senior homes from Ebury Street to Cundy Street.
  • Introduced additional trees and greenery along Ebury Street.
  • Introduced loading pads on Orange Square and Ebury Street for existing retailers and the Farmers Market.
  • Evolved the gate design for the Orange Square entrance.

Young people

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