Cundy Street Quarter

Proactively managed to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Information on this page relates to plans submitted by Grosvenor and approved by Westminster City Council in June 2021.

Lodha have acquired the first phase of the Cundy Street Quarter, which includes Building A (on the corner of Ebury St and Cundy St) and the affordable housing building (Building C on Ebury St). Read more here


The new part of the neighbourhood will require proactive management, including security, gardeners and maintenance staff to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We would take a proactive approach to tackling existing anti-social behaviour. We are proposing design interventions and security measures including improved lighting, active ground floor uses, CCTV, restricted hours of access and gates at either end of Elizabeth Place Gardens. In addition to these design measures we will continue to engage with residents and local businesses to ensure that any issues are appropriately addressed through design interventions or estate management.


Delivery vehicles

Most deliveries will be accommodated inside the buildings, via two dedicated servicing bay area’s off Cundy Street and Pimlico Road. Delivery or servicing vehicles may also use space in Elizabeth Place if the dedicated servicing bays are in use; however, this would be kept to a minimum and restricted to specific times. A delivery bay is proposed on Ebury Street and would help reduce the number of vehicles who park on Ebury Street today.

Consolidation centres

We are committed to reducing servicing trips into London and have managed to reduce deliveries at our Head Office in Mayfair to one daily trip through consolidation; this delivery is now being made by an electric vehicle. We will work with the owners of the retail units to explore similar opportunities for consolidated deliveries.

Recycling and waste

Across our business, we want to reduce waste going to landfill and will work with our tenants and partners such as First Mile to achieve this. Recycling and general waste storage will be provided in-line with local planning guidance.

Environment & sustainability

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