Proposals for the Cundy Street Quarter

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Overview of the submitted proposals and the mix of uses

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Key views to show you what the Cundy Street Quarter could be like


Details on the design development, height of buildings and proposed materials

Environment and sustainability

Information on the new and improved public spaces, increased biodiversity and energy-efficient buildings

Management and servicing

Details on our approach to minimising anti-social behaviour as well as delivery and waste strategies


Anticipated timings and our approach to mitigating disruption

Overview of submitted proposals

A broader mix of high-quality homes for everyone

93 affordable homes (39% by habitable room), almost doubling the number currently on site.

Specialist senior living accommodation for up to 170 people and 70 market homes.

All homes would be built to modern standards, with the affordable homes an average of 50% larger than the existing flats.

Significant investment in the area and new jobs for local people

An additional household spend of up to £2.2m per year to support existing businesses.

c.£20m contribution to local facilities and services through the Community Infrastructure Levy.
190 jobs in the completed development, 150 construction jobs and 90 apprenticeships, prioritised for Westminster residents.

Better public spaces and more local amenities

17 shops and amenities including a cinema, small food store and cafés and restaurants (see ground floor plan).
A £2.25m investment in Ebury Square that includes a new 6,500 sq ft play area.
A flexible community space designed in close partnership with local neighbours.

Explore the submitted proposals

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