Cundy Street Quarter

Influenced decisions

May 2019

Combating pollution

The community thinks that pollution is the #1 problem in the area. As a result, we will be prioritising green initiatives in our scheme & creating poll questions to gain more feedback. We will also be providing a new route for walking through the area, rather than on the busy Pimlico Road.

Community facilities

You voted in support of new community facilities. In response, we have created a new poll for you to tell us what type of community space you would like, plus the sorts of activities you would like to take place in the local area. 

Small supermarket

When we asked you what community amenities could be added to the area, you told us that a local supermarket would be most welcome. No problem! As a result, we will be including a small supermarket in the scheme.

Neighbourhood shops

You told us that the area needs more neighbourhood shops – we agree. Therefore, in our emerging proposals for the village centre, we are designing smaller retail units which will be suitable for some small businesses.


The community firmly supported both increases in the number and range of homes locally. This has informed our decision to incorporate a mix of housing types in the designs – including homes for families, younger people and senior citizens.

The Village Character

In the first phase of consultation “village feel” was the characteristic of the local area that people liked best. We hear you! Therefore, our emerging proposals will be prioritising, for instance, independent shops and introducing measures to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

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