Cundy Street Quarter

Increasing affordable homes on site

December 2019

Providing a significant increase in the number of affordable homes on the Cundy Street Quarter site was a commitment we made when we launched our proposals in early 2019.

With 35% affordable housing, split 50/50 between social and intermediate rent levels, our latest designs almost double the number of affordable homes on the site today.

Built to the latest standards, the new affordable homes will be more spacious than existing comparable homes and though adopting new technologies will be significantly more environmentally sustainable and cheaper to run.

Many of the new social rented homes will be dedicated to residents from Walden House, who are tenants of the council living on the site today and have a right to return.

From 4 December our latest round of consultation provides more details on the proposed mix and location of the new affordable homes in the designs as well as our sustainability standards.

Your continued feedback is vital to ensure our proposals meet the needs and ambitions of the area – click here to find out more about the events and to download relevant materials from 4 December.

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