A number of concerns raised locally were in relation to the proposed landscape and public realm designs for Ebury Square Gardens, so this is the focus of our amendments.

After several workshops, online and in-person, with residents of Semley House between May and August 2020, we are pleased to be able to respond to the concerns raised by revising the proposals for Ebury Square Gardens.

The amended proposals mean there are now fewer structural changes proposed and the new design will work with the existing layout of the Gardens.

The amended proposals do not respond to every concern. For example, we recognise that some people are concerned about the height of the tallest building proposed (11 storeys). However, to deliver the many benefits of the proposals, including but not exclusively the new affordable housing we do need to maintain the proposed building sizes which have been designed to respond to the context of the surroundings. We have also already taken one storey off the tallest building following feedback from the consultation we held in June 2019.

The changes will:

  • Introduce a variety of activity and play spaces for children of all ages, dispersed throughout the Gardens and away from Semley Place
  • Retain the fountain in its existing central location and keep the commemorative benches as they are today
  • Keep the paths in their existing arrangement but refurbished with semi-permeable surfaces to be more aesthetically pleasing and to allow rainwater to drain into the soil below
  • Introduce more suitable and varied planting throughout the Gardens to improve biodiversity, offer greater seasonal interest and help tackle anti-social behaviour
  • See Grosvenor take on the long-term management of the Gardens to enable better management of the space which for example will help revitalise the central lawns
  • Relocate cycle stands away from Semley Place
We have also responded to a number of queries relating to the tree strategy, waste management, transportation, and energy strategy. As a result, some very minor amendments have been made to the proposals which only have a very minor impact to the internal accommodation of the buildings and some of the surrounding highways.

You can access the addendum documents (Planning reference: 20/03307/FULL) and comment as part of the statutory consultation via Westminster City Council’s website available here :


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – click here for more details.

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