Cundy Street Quarter

Working together with the community

Listening and consulting

We want our proposals to reflect local ambitions creating a new neighbourhood responsive to the varied needs of Belgravia both today and in the future. To achieve this, we have committed to an open dialogue with local residents, stakeholders and  groups.

To date, we have hosted two public events, one in April and another in June, in which we consulted the community on their priorities for the area and its future, as well as what they wanted to see come forward as part of the development.

Feedback to date

We have met with more than 500 people and received over 1,500 responses to our online survey.

Thank you to everyone that contributed their ideas through this process, which have helped to shape our proposals. Details about how the feedback has influenced our designs is given below.

Guiding principles of community engagement

Begin early

Introduce Grosvenor and develop relationships

Phase the process

Align to stages of the design process and break down the detail

Engage everyone

Create opportunities for meaningful engagement in person and online

Create a conversation

Start a dialogue;  listen to feedback

Be transparent

Share feedback and be open to comments

Regular communication

Report back on evolution of proposals and address questions


Spring 2019


Over 650 people provided feedback on our early proposals

Summer 2019


More detailed discussions on design following our spring event

Autumn/Winter 2019


Consultation on detailed design for the Cundy Street Quarter

Spring 2020


Target submission of Cundy Street Quarter planning application to Westminster City Council

You said, we did

Local food store

In April, when we asked what community amenities could be added to the area, the community wanted to see a local supermarket. As a result, we have included a local food store in the scheme.


Respondents to the survey were pleased to see more homes locally and were supportive of a range of housing types. This has confirmed our decision to incorporate a mix of housing including homes for families, younger people and senior citizens and our ambition to double the number of socially rented and affordable homes.

Public space

Many people expressed support for a well-designed public space with new pedestrian connections where people can come together within a new village centre. The potential to Improve Orange Square and Ebury Square were also welcomed.

Community facilities

The majority of respondents were pleased to see space for the community, as well as a wider variety of retail, food & drink and leisure offerings.

Enhanced biodiversity

Much of the feedback was supportive of the improved greening across the development.

Questions and concerns

We are currently addressing comments on these themes in our design discussions.

  • The potential for anti-social behaviour in the new scheme
  • The quantum of retail space along Ebury Street
  • The height of the building overlooking Ebury Square, although many understand the rationale for its location and need.

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