Cundy Street Quarter

We are committed to open and ongoing dialogue with our local communities

We want the proposals to reflect local ambitions, and meet the varied needs of Belgravia today and in the future.

We have aimed to ensure that residents, neighbours and other local stakeholders have multiple opportunities to feedback on designs, keep up to date with the process and understand how their comments have been listened to.

We will continue this dialogue beyond the submission of our planning application through the establishment of a Neighbours Liaison Group and on-going community investment programme to assist the integration of new and existing residents and bring long-term community benefit.

Public consultation

Thank you to all those who attended our public consultations in the first week of December. We had more than 150 people visit the sessions, and value all the feedback that has been provided so far.

Missed the latest proposals?

You can download a copy of the consultation display here or contact us at – we look forward to hearing from you.



Spring 2019


Over 650 people provided feedback on our early proposals

Summer 2019


More detailed discussions on design following our spring event

Winter 2019


Consultation on detailed design for the Cundy Street Quarter

Spring 2020


Target submission of Cundy Street Quarter planning application to Westminster City Council

Guiding principles of community engagement

Begin early

Introduce Grosvenor and develop relationships

Phase the process

Align to stages of the design process and break down the detail

Engage everyone

Create opportunities for meaningful engagement in person and online

Create a conversation

Start a dialogue;  listen to feedback

Be transparent

Share feedback and be open to comments

Regular communication

Report back on evolution of proposals and address questions

Conversation to date

The local engagement to date has included:

You said, we did

Complementary uses

A mix of uses that responds to community preferences, to include a range of shops that complement the existing offer, such as a food store and cinema.

Residential feel

We have reduced the number of proposed shops along Ebury Street to retain the residential feel and relationship with the surrounding homes.

Enhanced sustainability

Strengthened ambitions around environmental sustainability, such as by sending zero waste to landfill and using on-site renewable sources. 

Resident garden

Evolved the design of Elizabeth Place Gardens in consultation with Coleshill residents to incorporate gates and a residents garden. 

Servicing strategy

Amended the designs and servicing strategy to ensure no vehicular access is required in Elizabeth Place Gardens. 

New play space

Committed to improving Ebury Square as part of the application – including new play space.


Removed one storey from the building on Ebury Square.

Celebrating local history

Reinstated historic street names. 

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