Cundy Street Quarter


Our proposals are for an inclusive new neighbourhood, nearly doubling the number of affordable homes, and a major investment in better public and community spaces which are shared and open to everyone.

We are working in partnership with the community to create an inclusive mixed-use development that caters both for the needs of Westminster today and for future generations by providing a material increase in much-needed housing in the area.

Our ambition goes beyond housing to include new amenities, better streets and improved public and green space to reflect specific local needs and priorities.

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A broader mix of homes

About 250 new homes, including at least 35% affordable homes – of which 50% would be social rent and 50% intermediate – as well as senior living and market homes. All homes would be built to modern standards that are cheaper and more sustainable for residents to run.

A greener, softer environment

70 more trees, 3,400 sqm of green space and 2,700 sqm of green roofs.

New homes producing 72% less carbon than existing flats.

Energy bills cut by an average of 20%.

Better public spaces and more amenities

17 shops and amenities including a small supermarket, restaurants and cinema.

A flexible community space designed in partnership with community.

New dedicated play space in a revitalized Ebury Square.

Economic benefits and jobs for local people

An additional local spend of c.£750,000 per year that will support existing businesses.

£15m contribution to local facilities and services through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

An estimated 160 construction jobs, 90 apprenticeships, and 190 jobs in the completed development, prioritised for Westminster residents.

Groundfloor masterplan

A walk through the Cundy Street Quarter

The following views show you what the Cundy Street Quarter would be like. The computer-generated images and watercolours aim to give a realistic indication of what it would be like to walk through the area, and the scale of the buildings are representative of the designs.

1. Orange Square

We are proposing to create a new and inviting entrance from Orange Square into Elizabeth Place Gardens. Beyond the gates, we propose a new community space and shops. At night, the gates would be closed to help create a safe and secure environment.

2. Five Fields Row

On Ebury Street there would be a pedestrian entrance which leads to the heart of the Cundy Street Quarter, named Five Fields Row. This new route, which has been named after a historical local street, would be framed by two small shops and include an entrance to the homes above. This new residential building would sit between the existing Coleshill buildings and the new senior living building on Ebury Street.

3. Ebury Street

The new senior living building, would repair the historic street pattern and give more consistency to the façades along Ebury Street. At six-storeys, this building has been sensitively designed with the adjacent Conservation Area and Listed Buildings in mind. As part of our commitment to improve the public spaces, we would widen the existing pavement and plant new trees on Ebury Street.

4. Elizabeth Place from Ebury Square

Where Cundy Street meets Ebury Street is the new pedestrian entrance into Elizabeth Place. On the right is a ten-storey building with shops on the ground floor and senior living homes above. On the left is a mix of shops, restaurants and cafés with some outside seating and homes on the floors above. In the distance you can see the podium garden with new planting and trees, as well as the new view towards the Grade I Listed St Barnabas Church spire.

5. Ebury Square

Here you can see where the eleven-storey residential building meets Ebury Square. The entrance to the building would be opposite the new Ebury Square entrance, which will help reactivate the space and reduce anti-social behaviour. We propose to make improvements to Ebury Square, including new seating and play space.

6. Avery Farm Row

This view shows the new eleven-storey residential building, next to which are the nine and six-storey buildings with projecting bay windows. Improvements to Avery Farm Row, including vehicle restrictions, will make it more cyclist and pedestrian friendly. The relocated fountain will mark a prominent gateway to this part of Belgravia.

7. Clifford's Row

We are proposing to reinstate a historical route to provide a new entrance from Pimlico Road. The view towards Elizabeth Place shows shops on either side with the entrance to the cinema beyond. The building is designed to complement the Grade II listed Coleshill buildings along Pimlico Road.

8. Elizabeth Place

At the heart of the proposals is Elizabeth Place, which would provide a new focal point for the whole community. Accessed by a series of pedestrian-friendly routes, the space will be lined with shops, a food store, restaurants and cafés. It will also provide a space for a programme of pop up events as well as an entrance to the boutique cinema.

9. Elizabeth Place Gardens

The existing Coleshill car park would be transformed into a lush public garden that connects Orange Square to the heart of the scheme. The garden would be a green oasis with planting, trees and a new water feature. Open to the public during the day and secured at night, there would also be a private area for people living in the Coleshill flats, and other residents of the Cundy Street Quarter. A new flexible community space will open onto the garden.

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