Cundy Street Quarter

We will minimise disruption caused by the construction and help every resident and occupier plan for this.

The anticipated demolition and construction programme for the proposed development is approximately six years.

April 2019 – January 2020

Public consultation on the proposals

May 2020

Sharing the final proposals ahead of submitting the planning to Westminster City Council

Late 2021

Demolition and construction works start


The first homes are complete


The Cundy Street Quarter is fully complete and open to everyone

We recognise that the construction work will cause disruption in the area and we will produce a detailed Construction Management Plan that sets our approach to minimising the impact that will include, but is not limited to, the following commitments:

  • Adopt a ‘Considerate Constructor’ approach and practices
  • Adhere to Westminster’s Code of Construction Practice
  • Give regular updates on planned construction activities
  • Establish a Residents’ Liaison Group prior to construction
  • Keep the development area and surrounding roads clean and tidy
  • Ensure site access gates and construction vehicle access routes are easily identifiable with clear signage
  • Utilise equipment that monitors noise, vibration and dust to set maximum limits and share results with resident groups
  • Use modern construction techniques and methods (including pre-assembled building solutions) to ensure an efficient programme

A Construction Management Plan will be prepared and submitted to Westminster City Council for approval prior to starting demolition and construction works on site. It will be made available on this website once prepared.

Management, anti-social behaviour and servicing

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