Some people raised questions around specific areas and we have provided answers below to the most frequently asked questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions we have received from the community over the last 15 months. We will continue to review and update both the questions and the responses to ensure we are providing the most up to date and relevant information.

We are happy to answer any additional questions by contacting the team at 020 7312 7007 or

How are you supporting existing residents?

We are committed to an open dialogue now, during the construction period and beyond, to ensure the community are involved in the future management of their neighbourhood. We recognise that we haven’t always got things right and are grateful to the residents that helped improve the proposals and transform how we engage locally. 

All Westminster City Council residents in Walden House now have a Right to Return to the new social rented homes we would provide, and are able to choose between:

1. moving once, directly into a new social rented home in the new development; or

2. moving twice to a suitable alternative within WCC’s portfolio elsewhere in the borough, with an option to return once the development is complete. 

Private renting residents in Cundy Street flats have been given support tailored to their individual needs, with people on protected leases being offered alternative homes nearby.We want to ensure that the long-term plans for the neighbourhood respond to the needs of people of all backgrounds and ages, including the young people that live here. We have partnered with the Young Westminster Foundation to launch ‘Young Belgravia’ and ensure that they are part of the ongoing conversation. Visit for more information. 

How much affordable housing would there be, and would it be genuinely affordable?

The plans would deliver 93 new Affordable Homes (39% by habitable room), almost doubling the existing number on the site. 44 would be Social Rent and 49 would be Intermediate Rent helping some of the 7,000 households on Westminster’s waiting list. 38 of the Social Rent flats are being re-provided for existing Walden House residents based on their current household need. Residents of Walden House would have the option to move just once into the new accommodation if they choose to do so. Intermediate Rented housing is for people who are not eligible or prioritised for social housing but are still unable to afford a home on the open market. WCC runs a service called ‘Homeownership Westminster’ for households with incomes up to £60,000 that are interested in intermediate housing. We are producing an overview of the housing offer which will soon be available to download from the website.

How would you minimise anti-social behaviour?

We want to ensure a safe and attractive environment for all residents and visitors and are aware of the current anti-social behaviour issues in the area. The design and security measures proposed have been recommended by the police and a specialist security consultant; these include CCTV, improved lighting, on-site management and restricted hours of access for Elizabeth Place Gardens (expected to be between the hours of 10pm and 6am).

How long would construction take?

The anticipated demolition and construction programme is about seven years. We would work closely with Westminster City Council and local residents to minimise any impact to the surrounding neighbourhood and keep the construction programme to a minimum.


  • April 2019-January 2019: Public consultation on the proposals
  • April/May 2019: Sharing the final proposals ahead of submitting a planning application to Westminster City Council
  • May 2019: Planning application submitted to Westminster City Council
  • Late 2021: Demolition and construction works start (Phase 1 – Cundy Street Flats)
  • 2025: The first homes are complete
  • Late 2025: Demolition and construction works start (Phase 2 – Walden House)
  • 2027/2028: The Cundy Street Quarter is complete and open to everyone.

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