Cundy Street Quarter

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our plans for the Cundy Street Quarter.

If you would additional information, please contact us to find out more. 

When can we see more detailed plans?

We hosted our third phase of public consultation in early December, sharing our detailed proposals for the Cundy Street Quarter. We had more than 150 people visit the sessions, and value all the feedback that has been provided so far. If you were unable to attend then you can download a copy of the consultation display here  we look forward to hearing from you. For further information please contact us at or 020 7312 7007.

Why are you proposing the redevelopment?

By redeveloping this area, we can provide a major increase in high quality homes for the people of Westminster. We canalmost double the number of affordable homes on this site, and provide residents with better housing built to modern standards that is cheaper for them to run. We can also offer a much broader mix of homes, including social rented, intermediate, and some for senior living. Alongside this, the design will create much better public and community spaces, making this a greener place with more facilities and new jobs for local people.

How are you supporting existing residents?

We recognise the impact our proposals have on existing residents. We understand their concerns and have put several measures in place to help people plan for the future.

Westminster City Council residents in Walden House
All Walden House residents have a Right to Return to new social rented homes we will build on site. We recognise the challenge of temporarily re-housing people locally and, having listened closely to the community, we have phased our design so that all Walden House residents can either move once directly into the new development or to a suitable alternative within the Council’s portfolio, with an option to return when the development is complete.

 If you are a Walden House resident and wish to find out more about your options please visit Westminster City Councils’ website for more information:

Private renting residents in Cundy Street Flats
We have been informing Cundy Street residents about the possibility of redevelopment since 2012 and confirmed our intentions with them earlier this year, over two years before the leases end. Since then, we have offered individual tailored support to help people make plans for the future. Some of the tenants are on protected leases with a right to continued tenancy and we are offering these people suitable alternative homes nearby in Belgravia.

How much affordable housing would there be in the new development?

We will almost double the number of affordable homes that are currently on this site. At least 35% of all the new homes would be affordable, split between social and intermediate rent, in-line with Westminster’s policy. This would help some of the 7,000 households which are on the Council’s waiting list.

What steps would be taken to prevent anti-social behaviour?

We are aware of current issues and have met with the police and a specialist security consultant to discuss design interventions that have successfully tackled anti-social behavior in other London developments. We are proposing security measures including active ground-floor uses, CCTV, improved lighting and restricted hours of access. Following resident feedback, we have now incorporated gates to our proposals for both ends of Elizabeth Place Gardens (the space behind the Coleshill Flats which would be transformed into an urban garden) to help control out of hours access.

What are your expected timings?

We aim to submit the plans to Westminster City Council in the first half of 2020. We will share the final proposals with the local community will be able to view the final proposals. If we receive planning consent, the earliest main construction works would start is 2022. 

How is my feedback being incorporated?

By starting the consultation process early and presenting the designs at different phases of the project, we have been able to incorporate your feedback at every stage. On the homepage is a section named ‘You said, we did’ which shows where we have revised the designs to reflect your comments.

What is being done to minimise the impacts of construction?

We would work closely with Westminster City Council and local residents to mitigate any impact to the surrounding neighbourhood and keep the construction programme to a minimum. We would ensure that all obligations on the Considerate Constructor Scheme are adhered to, and would set ambitious targets about reusing and recycling materials. You can read more about our approach to managing the construction process later in the display.

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