We recognise the impact our proposals would have on existing residents and we have engaged openly to help them plan for the future.

This has included early and ongoing engagement, keeping people up to date through personal calls, tailored briefings and a dedicated team on hand to handle enquiries quickly.

All Westminster City Council residents in Walden House have the option of moving once into the new social rented homes, which are prioritised for delivery in the first phase. Or if they would prefer, they could move to a suitable alternative within the Council’s portfolio, with a right to return when the homes are complete.

Private rental tenants in the Cundy Street flats have been given assistance tailored to their needs, with those on protected leases or who are considered vulnerable offered suitable alternative homes nearby.

Grosvenor has a long-term interest in Belgravia and so the ongoing conversation around the future of the neighbourhood will undoubtedly continue.

We will establish a residents’ group and local investment programme to help integrate new and existing neighbours and support a successful community.

We are committed to giving local young people the opportunity to understand and influence change in the place they live, and so we will also launch a Belgravia Youth Forum to hold us to account of their priorities for the neighbourhood. Read more about our commitment to involve young people here.

Public engagement

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Young people

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